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The author of Out of the Loop and All Over the Map, both of which were warmly received by the local press, visits the Kingdom’s famed Bamboo Bar, but this is one evening unlike any the Bamboo bar had ever experienced before…Play readings, love-making, a dead guy in a brown suit, lots of top shelf booze and jazz, and a cast of inimically amusing characters as always. Subtitled ‘A Birthday Bash at the Most Celebrated Bar in Bangkok,’ this is one party worth dropping in on.
Elite Magazine
McFinn's dry wit and flowing prose make all his books enjoyable reads. I was privileged to proofread all his work prior to publication and delighted to be mentioned in the acknowledgements section. Good, funny writing still exists thanks to McFinn and an all too small handful of others. I was honored to have a small part to play getting the word of McFinn out to the millions of his adoring fans and wholeheartedly recommend McFinn to any and all interested publishers and agents.
Jonathon Haid
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Morgan Mcfinn
is a self-made bum with a useless degree in Philosophy from Georgetown University who has been based in Thailand for the past 16 years. During that time he has made various sojourns (a word he’s very fond of) throughout SE Asia, India, Greece and Morocco. Prior to settling on the island of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Siam he worked many years at a small manufacturing company in Chicago while also studying at the famed improvisational comedy workshops of Second City.

McFinn performed for 5 years at clubs in the Chicago area with his own improvisational comedy troupe known as ‘The Audience’. He’s a very funny guy…well, that’s what he keeps telling people, anyway. Read excerpts of his work and decide for yourself.

McFinn's blog, entitled "Morgan McFinn Here . . ." is now up and running. This blog is set in southern Cambodia. It is meant to be a series of amusing musings with a sprinkling of critical commentaries.

McFinn is a proud member of AuthorsDen.com. Click the logo below to check out his page on their site.